I feel shy talking about myself. But I’d like for you to know me.
I believe in allOnenesswithgod, in the power of love, and have lived real, oh!wow, miracles. My heart spins and twirls with joy and delight, but I can get really sad too. There is grace there. Butterflies dance inside my tummy in anticipation of something magical about to be born. Trusting in life’s unfolding.

I like laying my hand on the chest of friends and animals to feel their heartbeat. Try to sync mine with theirs. And the spot, right where it curves and dips, between the eyes, is where I like to kiss.

Winter skies, bare trees, and living waters exhale through me. Sometimes I’m really shy, but if I feel safe, I may sing Jesus Christ Superstar, I don’t know how to love him. I’m extra sensitive to loud noises and things that smell bad. No yoga practice since becoming an instructor two summers ago (I do things like that). I love energy healing, carry stones in my pockets, chocolate and books in my bag. Learning new things is an addiction. Whew. So nice to meet you.



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