india ..waiting for words.

I have been to India three times since I first posted this.
Today April 22, 2019 I still do not have the words to speak of my time there.


India takes a lot out of me. Physically and emotionally.
Walking is difficult on the knee I injured on the Camino. Potholes, zooming beeping vehicles, and wandering animals.
My emotions ping between sadness, anger, and delight ..all in a ten minute sipping of lemon tea.
Poverty and gratitude. Devotion and hope. Rudeness and a helping hand.
My body really does not like heat. Or bad smells. After a few months, I know it’s time to leave.


As soon as I am on the return fight back to the states, thoughts of WAIT STOP THE PLANE flood my entire being.



My favorite Indian wisdom words..
What to do.
Slowly slowly.
And the best soother of all situations from my friend Suleiman, “And what?”


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