making god laugh.

This past weekend while at a retreat 200 miles away, my appendix decided it wanted out.

Thursday evening I attended a local talk about high energy sacred sites, in and around my area. Thrilling and fascinating to learn there are many.
Friday morning on the speakers website I found a place called Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center: The Northeast Theosophical Foundation.
On their site was listed a teaching retreat for Therapeutic Touch that was to begin that evening. A cancelation and one spot left when I called.
I’ve been traveling a lot this year so either a bag is still packed or it takes only a few minutes to throw one together. I have a list.
I could shower and find out what Therapeutic Touch was when I got there. The pull was strong.

The center said not to follow the GPS. Not knowing how to read a map, which really frustrates me, I had no choice.
A few wrong turns up windy dirt roads with warning signs saying Turn Around Get Out! ..and gargoyle statues at several bends ..true story,
a half hour longer than expected, I arrived. 5:00 pm just in time for introductions and dinner.

An immediate sense of peace and belonging came through me there. Excitement for how many other wonderful places I have yet to discover.

Living at Ananda Ashram this past fall I was used to and love, the family style of vegetarian food. And sleeping in a big old charming house; with lots of creaks and cracks. It felt like Home.

Too tired to shower ..plenty of time in the morning, I made my bed and went to sleep. Sleep did not come. It felt as though a woman was with me. A spirit.
She kept trying to tell me her name. Ku something and that she wanted me to Know her. Tossing and turning and not wanting to wake my cute roommate (instant love we fell), I found a vacant room. 1:00 am no sleep and a sudden tummy ache. Pain and chills that got worse throughout the night. Feeling Ku girl still right there with me.

No breakfast or TT training in the morning. No shower either. Another thing that happens living on ashrams that i also had to get used to. The unexpected.
Freezing with severe pain, I went back to bed. Like Spain, wearing all my clothes and covered in as many blankets as I could find. It felt like I was dying.

Lunchtime the dearhearts at the hollow wanted to call an ambulance. Something I could not even imagine.
Shaking and trying not to vomit, I drove myself to a local hospital 20 minutes away.
That night, after some morphine and several tests, I had surgery.
No shower, same underwear; that was in fact inside out, all alone, somewhere in Hudson NY

The miracle? everysinglething.

Later on I heard that my spirit friend must have been Dora Kunz. A clairvoyant, theosophist healer, who founded Therapeutic Touch, and lived and taught at Pumpkin Hollow.
It is said that during these teaching retreats her presence is felt.

As the surgeon wheeled me down the hall (didn’t he have people to do that for him?) he saw my mala beads and asked if that was why I was so calm? And if I had a mantra. Taught him Om Namah Shivaya, then asked him if he was tired? and if he knew how to make God laugh?
He said not to worry, he had taken a nap. ..“How do you make God laugh?”
..make a plan.
We both giggled and off we went.



3.25.16… Healing Miraculously. New discoveries and understandings. I was meant to be there ..just not for the retreat. Two more are given this year.
All in Divine order.
We are much stronger, on our own, than we realize. 💛






























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2 thoughts on “making god laugh.

  1. OMG Cin, I am here with Lau for dinner and I just read her your blog. You poor thing, what were you thinking driving yourself to the hospital! Crazy Girl! Lau just said she thinks someone is watching over you! Are you still in the Hospital?


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